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Zocalo…is also a central part of the city’s dining scene. Zocalo has become such a fixture, in fact, that it seems strange to imagine Charlottesville without it.
— Charlottesville 29
Zocalo was highly recommended to me by my significant other, so I went in expecting the world, and they delivered. Beautiful setting for romance and party feels. Attractive notes in details, artwork, staff, plates and scene. The prices are high, but it is legitimately fine dining, and deliciously so.
— Google Review
Another menu option that can sometimes be a throwaway is the vegetarian entree option. Again, at Zocalo it is a star, the black bean and corn relleno. Even devoted carnivores swoon over it. One Zocalo regular customer likes his hamburgers rare…Still, at Zocalo he often orders the meat-free entree option. That is high praise.
— Charlottesville 29
Thank you so much for hosting our annual holiday party this past weekend. Your hospitality, seamless execution, and ability to adapt to any last minute changes we threw at you was very impressive. Of course, the food was absolutely delicious! We have heard nothing but compliments from our coworkers, and we can’t thank you enough for that.
— Jennifer and Brittany, Charlottesville